Privacy policy

Confidentiality and security are KRONOS’ core values and we therefore undertake to ensure the user’s privacy at all times and not to gather unnecessary information on the user.

Pursuant to Organic Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection (LOPD) and Royal Decree 1720/2007 which implements the LOPD, we hereby inform you that the use of certain services on our webpage requires you furnish us with certain personal data via registration forms or the sending of email messages to request any type of information or clarification. Your data will be processed and added to our files as the subjects and controllers of same. Said supply of personal data constitutes express  authorisation for the processing of same, although this is revocable and not retroactive.

All our files are legally registered in the General Register of Personal Data of the Spanish Data Protection Agency and, in order to safeguard the security of your personal data, the technical and organisational security measures required by Royal Decree 1720/2007 which governs the security measures of files containing personal data will be applied.

As a general rule, it is strictly prohibited to provide personal data of persons aged under 14 without the authorisation of their parents or legal guardians.

What data we request and for what purpose

The data we request are those appropriate, pertinent and strictly necessary for the purpose for which they are gathered and under no circumstance are you obliged to supply them; however, the contents of the forms must be answered to comply with your requests. In addition, you vouch that all the data supplied is certain, accurate and pertinent for the purpose for which it is requested. The user is solely responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to KRONOS or any third party as a result of completing the forms with false, inaccurate, incomplete or out of date data or third party data.

Our Webpage gathers your personal data by receiving different forms and via email:

  • In the CONTACT option, we request your name and email address to send you the information requested. Your data will be added to our Management File.
  • In the link WORK WITH US we offer the possibility of viewing our job offers and of sending us a job application with a curriculum vitae attached to take part in our personnel selection processes. Therefore, your personal, labour and curricular data will be added to a “Human Resources” file so as to use your curriculum for personnel selection purposes. Until you expressly delete the personal data in our files, we understand you are still interested in forming part of same for future selection processes until we deem fit.
  • Via the EMAIL option, we provide you with our email so you may request any type of information or clarification. By including your personal data in your email, you authorise us to add your personal data to our files, if KRONOS considers this pertinent and this data will be governed by these privacy policies.

KRONOS  reserves the right to decide whether or not to add your personal data to its files.

Right to access, rectify, delete or oppose your personal data

You may at any time exercise your right to access, rectify, delete or oppose the personal data under the legal provisions by writing to KRONOS at the address stated at the beginning of our Terms and Conditions and attaching a copy of your DNI or identity document for identification purposes.

We will consider that if you do not expressly delete your personal data from our files, you continue to be interested in remaining in same until KRONOS deems fit and insofar as it is appropriate for the purpose for which it was obtained.

Data communication.

KRONOS  informs you that your data is processed with the maximum confidentiality and that it is used solely internally and for the aforementioned purposes. We do not assign or transfer your data to any third party except when expressly authorised by the user in such cases as are legally provided for.

Security of your personal data

In order to safeguard the security of your personal data, we inform you that KRONOS  has adopted all the necessary measures of a technical or organisational nature to ensure the security of your personal data against alteration loss and non-authorised processing and access, as required by Royal Decree 1720/2007 which governs the security measures of files containing personal data.

Updating your data

It is important you inform us whenever there has been any modification so we may update your personal data; otherwise we cannot be liable for the accuracy of same.

Commercial notices via email

Taking into account that the chief means of communication between KRONOS and the USER is the email address supplied, we hereby inform you that we will use this channel for all communications with USERS, including advertising or informative notes relating to the purpose of our portal and therefore, pursuant to article 21 of the Law on the Information Society and eCommerce Services, which prohibits advertising by emails which have not been expressly authorised by the recipients of same, we hereby inform you that the acceptance of these conditions of use implies your express authorisation to send commercial, advertising and promotional materials. However, if you do not wish to receive said materials by email you may oppose same at the aforementioned address or each time it is sent.

KRONOS  will not be liable for the privacy policy regarding the personal data you may supply to third parties via the links on our webpage.

KRONOS  may modify this privacy policy to adapt it to the modifications made to our website together with any legal or jurisprudential modifications regarding personal data which may appear, and therefore requires this policy be read every time you supply your data via this Website.

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