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Kronos Homes landed in Spain in 2014 and in just four years has managed to climb to be among the largest promoters in the country, with a portfolio of land that exceeds one million square
Sustainability has become an almost infallible housing sales argument. But not all are what they claim to be. The buyer must check if the promotion has a certificate that guarantees that it is a sustainable
Five residential buildings along the Mediterranean coast is the bet of Kronos Homes in Catalonia. Homes of pure design to live with style. Reportaje AD-KH
Kronos Homes, promoter firm specialized in residential product, presented its new projects in the last edition of SIMA, which closed its doors on Sunday. The differential value of the real estate product is based on an
In your opinion, what is the current situation of the housing market in Spain? How is your company positioned in this market? We are in a positive moment of the real estate market. The end of the
The promoter Kronos Homes expects to bill 1,800 million euros for the sale of homes in a period of five years, said today one of its partners, Manuel Holgado, who added that the firm expects
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KRONOS HOMES has studied the expectations on the acquisition of the first home among Spanish consumers. The observatory prepared by Peel the Onion (Inmark Group) for Kronos Homes,
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