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The real estate fund Kronos Homes has already begun the studies of the land on the surface in which until a few months ago was the parking
Jean Porsche, from the hand of the magazine AD, is in charge of finishing touch on a real estate project ready to change the rules of the game.
Kronos Homes presents 'The Collection', the new project that will join design and architecture in Madrid's Puerta de Hierro neighborhood.
Kronos Homes joins forces with the magazine AD and the interior designer Jean Porche to conceive design homes in Madrid
Kronos Homes, a new actor that recently landed on the Spanish real estate scene, is betting on the luxury residential with several projects focused on design and architecture.
The architect Joaquín Torres and the developer Kronos Homes are constructing the houses of the future in Madrid: stylish and with more green. Jean Porsche and AD have imagined how the interior of this houses
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KRONOS HOMES has studied the expectations on the acquisition of the first home among Spanish consumers. The observatory prepared by Peel the Onion (Inmark Group) for Kronos Homes,