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Kronos Homes expects the project's construction to begin in 2020 in the Park of the Nations.
The most modern architecture and design behind Horizonte and Nature, two of Kronos Homes' residential projects.
The interior designer Erico Navazo talks about his inspiration behind Tribeka, Kronos Homes' residential building in Cordoba.
Beatriz Silveira designs The Kube, inspired in the glamour of the 70s and located in Tarragona.
Kronos Homes, Kronos' residential property development brand, reaches an agreement between insurance broker Slora Solutions and the insurance company CNP Partners, which guarantees the protection of payments to the buyers of their promotions through Kronos
Majda Labied, Managing Director of Kronos Homes explains to the magazine Sector Ejecutivo how Kornos Homes arises due to the need for a new product focused on aspects such as design and architecture.  
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KRONOS HOMES has studied the expectations on the acquisition of the first home among Spanish consumers. The observatory prepared by Peel the Onion (Inmark Group) for Kronos Homes,
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