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A few weeks ago one of the most media architects of the decade, Norman Foster, visited Madrid to present the mixed-use building that will build from the building that was the headquarters of Barclays. The
Year 2008. The real estate bubble is about to jump through the air. In Sotogrande (San Roque, Cádiz), a paradise for golfers, lovers of polo and a refuge for the rich and famous, the handover
The interest aroused by the Costa del Sol as a great second home destination has attracted developers and real estate funds in search of opportunities in the new upward cycle of housing. The Malaga coast,
Kronos Homes has landed strongly in Catalonia. The promoter created in London in 2014 by Sahïd Hejal has established its main investment focus in Spain. It is expected that 30% of its business is in
Immoglaciar was the last to arrive. Kronos completes the commercialization of 600 homes in Fuente de la Salud.
Kronos Homes arrives in Portugal, after three years of activity in the Spanish market with 16 projects already in portfolio. The company, whose differential values are the architecture and design of its homes and the
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KRONOS HOMES has studied the expectations on the acquisition of the first home among Spanish consumers. The observatory prepared by Peel the Onion (Inmark Group) for Kronos Homes,
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