Our architecture is more than what meets the eye. We believe in design that transcends the aesthetic and build accommodations designed with your well-being in mind. Spaces designed with sensitivity and planned to adapt to you, your city and the planet. We build homes in which design goes beyond mere design: it is #puredesign.


We reinvent residential architecture empowering the character, functionality and originality.


We overcome and fit our environment standars to improve them respecting its identity.


We advocate for a sustainable architecture, since the only way to keep on growing is to continue evolving.


At Kronos Homes we love architecture, so we focus on design as a distinguishing mark. We believe that the personality of homes and their artistic dimension are perfectly compatible with habitability and comfort. In order to achieve this, we entrust prestigious architects and new professionals who contribute unique elements. We have set out to go beyond the traditional concept of the property market. Sustainability and integration in the surroundings are key assets in our developments. Our respect for the consistency of the buildings with urban development is a result of the intention to preserve its harmony, but also the determination to contribute to the growth of architectural heritage.

The choice of each one of our locations is inspired by its suitability and its harmonisation with the project. Our intervention must be a key contribution to the development of a collective benefit. We advocate architecture as a transfomative agent, able to energise and enrich society. A point of view that leads us to share the excitement and enthusiasm in each one of our projects, because we want our works to speak for us.