The Collection

Puerta de Hierro, Madrid | From 2 to 3 rooms

The Collection is located in the exclusive Puerta de Hierro neighbourhood. Surrounded by the Monte del Pardo natural belt of land and the Dehesa de la Villa, you are only a few minutes away from the city centre. The best of nature, the appeal of an A-cero studio project and all the services of a large European capital are at your disposal.

La Medina

Cuatro vientos, Madrid | From 2 to 4 rooms

La Medina is located in the La Latina district, at the gates of the capital and with privileged access to the road network and the main public transport services. A modern and avant-garde project in a neighbourhood that is currently undergoing a process of urban transformation. In other words, a unique opportunity to live in Madrid.

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Costa del Sol

The Edge

Estepona, Málaga | From 2 to 5 rooms

The Edge is a real exercise in style by Rafael de La-Hoz; a spectacular residential development located on the waterfront with gardens that blend seamlessly with the sand. A perfect symbiosis between architecture and nature characterised by its natural shapes and nautical inspiration.


Mijas, Málaga | From 3 to 4 rooms

Eden is noted for its adaptation to the ground and respect for the environment. Morph Studio has succeeded in creating a design and sustainability project that exudes architecture in every detail. Both the plan of the residential development and the position of the homes has been carefully considered to enjoy all benefits from its privileged position.

La Finca by Kronos Homes

Sotogrande, Cádiz | From 3 to 6 rooms

La Finca, designed by Rafael de La-Hoz is an avant-garde project located in Sotogrande, one of the most exclusive developments in Europe. Don´t miss its villas facing the sea and next to the La Cañada golf club.

Oasis 325

Estepona, Málaga | From 2 to 3 rooms

Oasis 325 was named after the number of sunny days per year in Benalmádena. Weather conditions that combine perfectly with the rotunda architecture from the A-cero Studio, which has skilfully created an oasis of exclusivity with water at the centre.

Panorámica by Kronos Homes

Fuengirola, Málaga | From 2 to 3 rooms

Panorámica is situated on a natural elevation of the ground, above Fuengirola´s coast and offering incomparable views of Malaga´s coastline. A project that highlights the spacious terraces and large glass surfaces - two fundamental features for enjoying the Mediterranean climate to the fullest.


Benalmádena, Málaga | From 2 to 3 rooms

Horizonte represents a revision of traditional Mediterranean architecture. Its whitewashed facades and arrangement is SOB Architects interpretation of the fishing villages of Southern Spain. A privileged location facing the pleasure of the sea and in view of Benalmádena.


Torremolinos, Málaga

Torremolinos Homes is situated on a hill with unique views of the town and the Bajondillo beach. This project offers high aesthetic and technical quality and is conveniently located to access all services and the main road networks.

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Córdoba | From 2 to 3 rooms

Tribeka was proposed by Rafael de La Hoz to spearhead the urban renovation of Córdoba. A great design project, located a few minutes from the centre; large green spaces and excellent communal amenities are highlights.


Camas, Sevilla | From 2 to 3 rooms

Located in Camas, this development is based on innovative and sustainable architecture around an equipped landscaped zone with a central swimming pool. All the amenities and the quality of a great single residential project only a few minutes from Seville.

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General Marvá 3

Alicante | From 1 to 4 rooms

Marvà 3 is the urban vision from the Adoras studio. Located in the heart of Alicante next to the emblematic Luceros square, this project allows you to enjoy the urban lifestyle with extras like the inside garden or the rooftop swimming pool with solarium.

Nature by Kronos Homes

Playa de San Juan, Alicante | From 2 to 4 rooms

Nature is a project from the Adoras studio that it is found on the San Juan de Alicante Beach, one of the best in Spain. The aesthetic quality of the buildings, with its cluster of overhangs, is the distinguishing mark of a coastal residential development that pays tribute to its Mediterranean roots.



Badalona, Barcelona | From 2 to 4 rooms

H2O is a large residential project located opposite the Badalona marina, next to the navigable canal and in one of the best areas on the seafront. Its wide range of home types and its fully-equipped communal areas were designed to offer everyone their perfect home.


Badalona, Barcelona | From 1 to 3 rooms

Ô12 is a project signed by the prestigious Pascual i Aussió Architects Studio. Its ideal location on the Badalona coast, opposite the sea, blends with the urban design of the residential development. A viewpoint that improves habitability and views without foregoing details such as the swimming pool that tops off each of the three buildings.

The Kube

Tarragona | From 1 to 4 rooms

The Kube was created to become one of Tarragona´s icons. Its avant-garde design regards every home as an independent unit, which is nevertheless part of the whole building. The sequence of levels and its 19-storey tower portray a silhouette that is destined to be a reference point for the whole town.


Calafell, Tarragona | From 1 to 3 rooms

Waves represents a revision of the traditional coastal residential development. Its unbroken terraces and close proximity to the beach are complemented by a large swimming pool and garden areas. A project of light and spacious properties designed to enable enjoyment of all aspects of the Mediterranean.

San Cugat

San Cugat, Barcelona

Avant-garde architecture and a privileged location allow you to enjoy the well-established surroundings near to Barcelona. The perfect choice for enjoying the attractions of the capital without foregoing quality of life and the comforts of a unique project.

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Palmares Ocean Living & Golf

Lagos, Algarve | From 3 to 5 rooms

The RCR studio, winner of Pritzker 2017, signed this fantastic urban development in Lagos, one of the best areas in the Algarve. Its golf course and the quality of the buildings, together with the equipment available, make it a unique and exclusive project.

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Amendoeira Golf Resort

Alcantarilha, Algarve | From 2 to 5 rooms

A large, Moorish-inspired project able to convey the peace and calm from the gardens of the Southern peninsula. The quality of the spaces of the communal areas are supplemented by top-quality household appliances. The perfect environment for enjoying Portugal.

Belmar Spa & Beach Resort

Lagos, Algarve | From 1 to 3 rooms

The serenity of minimalist arcitecture and the combination of different materials are blended with the avant-garde design to create a unique environment. A world for the service of comfort and quality of life.